Monthly Archives: July, 2013

Bruschetta With A Twist

I’ve been wanting to host a crostini party for quite some time.  The great thing about a crostini is that there is an infinite variation of toppings that you can use.  Some examples are caramelized red onion-smoked salmon-chive creme fraiche or ricotta cheese-peach-local honey.  You’re limited only by your creativity.  And because each crostini is […]

Banana Coconut Bread

My husband and kids are absolutely bananas for bananas.  They’re a popular breakfast and snack item because of their convenience.  I often buy two full bunches of them, and they’re gone within a few days.  I have no idea how they disappear so quickly!  My dilemma, however, is that if I buy more bananas before […]

Fish and Chips (The Healthy Version)

Last week was my anniversary and the long 4th of July weekend.  I’ve been eating out quite a bit lately (did you miss me?), so it’s good to get back on track cooking meals at home.  I’ve been especially craving clean food lately, which goes well with my new workout regimen to get back into […]

Feta and Herb Chicken Burger

I made these chicken burgers at a family BBQ this past weekend for several relatives who were visiting from India.  We had a great time, and it was fun catching up.  My husband loves turkey or chicken burgers, so he was pretty excited as well and one of the first in line for food. In […]