Chef Anita

  • Former fashion designer and business owner
  • Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Certified Plant-Based Chef through Alchemy Academy Bali

I was raised in Mumbai, India, and came to the USA when I was 15.  After marrying my husband, we moved to Puerto Rico, where we raised our three children, and later to New Jersey.  We owned successful clothing businesses in both Puerto Rico and in New York City, so my first career was as a fashion designer and a business owner…though my true passion was for cooking, food, cooking, and family.  As time passed, I assumed my dream career as a chef would stay just a dream.

As my oldest child, Rama was always in the kitchen with me – it was our time to connect after long days at school and at work.  Just as I learned about our culture, heritage, and cuisine from my own mother and grandmother in India, I enjoyed sharing those things with Rama and her siblings as we laughed, shared, and cooked.  Together, we explored the tastes, techniques, and textures of different cuisines, which we’ve integrated into a unique fusion of flavors.  

Watching Rama grow and evolve as a chef has been a great joy in my life, and her career inspired me to pursue my own lifelong interests around food and health, including becoming a health coach and certified plant-based chef. In my retirement, my dream of becoming a chef has been realized.

WannaBee Chef Online

Our paths have intersected perfectly over the last few years, and it is together that we are bringing our shared vision to life online – through digital products, courses, and communities.  WannaBee Chef isn’t just about recipes and shopping lists – it’s about sharing the love of cooking, our history and heritage, and the time we spend in the kitchen with our family, friends, and loved ones.  

So we hope you’ll join us on this journey as we bring back the soul of cooking, family, and togetherness through flavorful, healthy, simple meals that anyone – even the busiest of us – can prepare, serve, and enjoy with those we love.  Because that’s really what cooking is all about.