Chef Rama

  • Graduate of the Culinary School of America in NYC
  • Trained at the French Culinary Institute, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and Columbia University’s Teacher’s College
  • Private chef, holistic health counselor, educator, and teacher

In Indian culture, food and family are two of our biggest obsessions, and even though I spent my formative years in Puerto Rico, my Indian-born parents continued this tradition with me and my siblings. Cooking – both the practice of and the eating of food – was a core part of my childhood.  My happiest memories are in the kitchen with my mother, chopping, mixing, and soaking in our heritage, ancestors, and culture. But in my family, cooking isn’t just about feeding the body; it’s about serving others – a foundational belief on which I’ve built my business and my life.

As I began my career as a chef, the reality of our overscheduled society began to sink in. I saw my friends, patrons, and clients relying on drive-thrus and freezer meals to feed their families.  The nutritional impact was worrisome enough – but the familial, relational, and cultural implications were even more so. I saw the busyness of our society causing the crumbling of the crucial, foundational relationships I developed in the kitchen and around the table.

My mission is to bring back the true essence of cooking – the togetherness, the shared experience, the enjoyment, the community, the fun – and to share it with the world.  While my chefing business has thrived, my impact was limited to my immediate geographical area. So I began venturing into the world of the Internet, creating downloadable meal plans, managing a Facebook group, and developing relationships with people around the world who shared my vision and desire for a return to wholesome cooking – that tastes fabulous.

WannaBee Chef Online

Our paths have intersected perfectly over the last few years, and it is together that we are bringing our shared vision to life online – through digital products, courses, and communities.  WannaBee Chef isn’t just about recipes and shopping lists – it’s about sharing the love of cooking, our history and heritage, and the time we spend in the kitchen with our family, friends, and loved ones.  

So we hope you’ll join us on this journey as we bring back the soul of cooking, family, and togetherness through flavorful, healthy, simple meals that anyone – even the busiest of us – can prepare, serve, and enjoy with those we love.  Because that’s really what cooking is all about.