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5 Tips for Making the Best of Food choices at Disney World

March 11, 2018

This spring break, my hubby and I took our three kids for the first time ever to Disney World!  I felt like I was super prepared with hotel accommodations, fast passes and character meals but what I wasn’t prepared for was the lack of healthy food available.

5 Tips for Making the Best of Food choices at Disney World | Wannabee Chef

I know on vacation we all let go and I was willing to do that but after 24 hours I couldn’t eat any more soft pretzels or pizza. Even when not on vacation, I believe in moderation and I found the options very extreme (towards the unhealthy side).  Even my kids were jiving for fruit salad, broccoli and even green beans.

Despite the lack of healthy food options, we had the BEST time. We spent so much quality together, had a slumber party every night in our hotel room, went on all the roller coasters, watched the most magical shows and met friendly characters!

If you’re like me and are looking for healthier options for you and your family, read on. Here are my top 5 tips for health eating at Disney World:

1. Packs little bags of nuts with you, bars and even dried fruit. It’s cheaper to bring your own. There isn’t really a grocery store if you are staying at a Disney resort. These items are non-perishable so easy to carry and eat.

2. Book a couple of buffets throughout your stay. Sounds weird I know, but buffets offer an array of fresh fruit, salads, yogurts, omelet stations, etc.  We ate at a few and really enjoyed those options.

3. Hydrate all the time! It can get very hot and humid, even in the earlier months.  I think we each chugged at least 2 – 3 bottled waters per day.

4. Pace yourself with all junk. Don’t go overboard because your digestion will definitely pay for it later. And remember bathroom lines can be long and you have tight schedules with those fast passes and meal reservations.

5. When you choose quick service meals or snacks, make smarter choices like popcorn, “salad” pizza, grilled chicken, water, etc.

5 Tips for Making the Best of Food Options at Disney World | wannabeelicious

If you’re planning a trip, I hope you remember some of these tips! I know I’ll definitely be better prepared for the next time. ?

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